Touchdown in Nepal!

Greetings, all!

It’s been a few years since I’ve dusted off this little blog o’mine and tried to piece together an entry, and I imagine that my readership has changed some in that time (aka. from Dan and Amanda to nobody at all). As it’s a travel blog, I haven’t had much to write about these last few years, since I literally spent 95% of my time in my house, at work, or at school or clinical, and I had absolutely no time for anything else*.

That said, I’ll be starting this thingy back up today with a nice little video that sums up my first few days in Pokhara.

Also, my cursory bed bug check (following a 48-hour flight) in Kathmandu missed the mark, and not only did I walk away with legs that resembled bulging tubes of hamburger meat, but I also had to do a full-on de-bugging on my second day in the country. This means that I had to empty out and wash my bag, then send all of my possessions away to be boiled and ironed. I was left with no choice but to buy the only T-shirt I could find at the bus stop.


“No, no.. I said I’m from the states. NOT from Japan! No! NOT JAPAN. Not… argh!!”

OK, well, I’m off to go get a $3 hair cut out of a lawn chair on the street from an 85-year old man who doesn’t speak any English.

* Nursing school was pretty much the equivalent of having someone kneel on your chest while spitting repeatedly in your face for 3 years… then getting up and realizing that you no longer have any friends, suddenly owe the government hundreds of thousands of dollars, and look a hell of a lot older.


“Remember that happiness is a way of travel – not a destination.” – Roy M. Goodman

6 thoughts on “Touchdown in Nepal!

  1. Hah that’s a nice surprise in my mail box! A little dissapointing though to not find my name in your readership list… :p Great to see you’re back out there! Have fun! For how long this time? And why during monsoon season? Saving money Chu style? :p Interesting to know hello kitty exists in Nepal too! Take care!

    • Kurt! WHY are you reading? Aren’t you on some blissful Hawaiian island with your super hot wife? Also, I’ve missed you and your comments. Welcome back!

      • I was in paradise indeed but all things come to an end… Tomorrow back to work. Looking forward to more literary delights! Cheers

  2. Hahaha I love your comment about nursing school and I could not express it better. I am not in Nepal but I have been basically doing things that were luxury for me such as walking the dog for 7 miles…. Good for you for traveling the world

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