This page used to be entitled, “Books,” and was a list of books I’d read on my trip. Then, I realized that nobody gave a damn and that it was a bother to update it, so I’m going to make it kind of a Table of Contents for countries I’ve seen instead. This is a travel blog, after all! Eventually, I’d like to link in all of my posts here so they can be found by country for easy reading.

I’ve compiled this list chronologically, omitting countries that I saw when I was too young to remember, as well as countries that I didn’t spent a sufficient amount of time in. This varies depending on the country– for example, I count Hungary, even though I was only in Budapest for 4 or 5 days, because I hitchhiked all over it coming in and out. However, I don’t count Croatia, even though I hitchhiked up the entire coast, because I did so in less than 24 hours, and never stopped to see anything. Anyway, here goes~!

1. The United States

2. Canada

3. Mexico

4. China

5. England

6. The Netherlands

7. France

8. Italy

9. Spain

10. Peru

11. Bolivia

12. Argentina

13. Uruguay

14. Chile

15. Guatemala

16. Honduras

17. El Salvador

18. Nicaragua

19. Egypt

20. Israel

21. Ethiopia

22. India

23. Sri Lanka

24. Thailand

25. Laos

26. Cambodia

27. Myanmar (Burma)

28. Indonesia

29. Australia

30. Ecuador

31. Colombia

32. Venezuela

33. Denmark

34. South Africa

35. Swaziland

36. Mozambique

37. Malawi

38. The Philippines

39. Morocco

40. Albania

41. Kosovo

42. Macedonia

43. Bulgaria

44. Romania

45. Hungary

46. Serbia

47. Bosnia and Herzegovina

48. Turkey

49. Malaysia

50. Singapore

51. East Timor

52. Papua New Guinea

53. Germany

54. Belize

55. Cuba

56. Nepal

57. Kyrgyzstan

58. Tajikistan

59. Kazakhstan

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