RTW 1: ’09-’10 Posts

Hi all! In an effort to consolidate all my blogs, I’m trying to put together an archive of posts from my first Round the World trip. I’ve divided them up by country and tried to go chronological so that the ones that didn’t really have that much to do with travel still fell into the correct places. WordPress gave me the option to import my whole blog, but I quite liked the old Blogger (basic though it is), and the memories tied to trying to customize the antiquated settings via a 56K Ethiopian computer will always be fond. I should probably mention that this is the first blog I had tried to consistently update since high school, and I’m not all that proud of what I wrote early on in my trip. It improves, I swear! Anyway, here are some of my thoughts from then. Enjoy!

Guatemala : Touchdown in Antigua
Guatemala : Rifles! Colorado! Explosive Diarrhea!
Guatemala : Maced in the Face
Guatemala : Food Poisoning – Episode 1
Guatemala : Sam Chu is Bad at Updating
Guatemala : Last Day
Honduras : La Moskitia
Honduras : Copan Ruinas
Guatemala : Back in Guatemala
El Salvador : El Salvador and On
Americans and Israelis
El Salvador : Juayua
El Salvador : El Tunco Take 2
El Salvador : Amoebas, Soccer, and Impenetrable Heat
Nicaragua : Aagghh!
Nicaragua : Going, Going, Gone!
Egypt : Thoughts on
Israel : Last Day in the Middle East
Ethiopia : Trevor
India : This Blog is Turning All Crappy
India : One Thing That Stinks About Traveling
India : Sool-Stool!
India and Sri Lanka : Recap
Thailand : Sawadee-Kaaaa!
Laos : Laos
Cambodia and Burma : Cambodia to Burma and Why Military Juntas Suck
Burma : Trekking, Temples, and Thanakha
Indonesia : Indonesia
Australia : Things I’ve Learned From Work
Australia : Mildura, Red Cliffs, and Beyond
Australia : Last Week in Oz
Peru : Dogs, Dogs, Dogs
Peru : My Last Day
Ecuador : Paseo de los Monos
Ecuador and Colombia : An Overdue Post
Money Money Money Money!!!
Colombia : Oh Colombia!
Venezuela and Colombia : Traveling in a Bucket

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